Salem New Age Center New Age I.Q. Test - 25k

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Test your knowledge of various new age and metaphysical subjects



1) The sixth chakra, also known as the third eye or eyebrow chakra, usually corresponds to what color:

a) indigo
b) white
c) orange/yellow

2) The new age movement is primarily about:

a) the study of world religions
b) personal spiritual growth
c) metaphysical and paranormal topics

3) In astrology, which planet means aggression, fire, wars, masculine and intense energy:

a) Mars
b) Uranus
c) Jupiter

4) The typical Tarot deck contains how many cards:

a) 78
b) 48
c) 62

5) Which moon event is the best time to start a new project or undertaking:

a) full moon
b) quarter moon
c) new moon

6) What is a major component of the field of Numerology:

a) computer algorithms
b) planetary attributes
c) the Mayan calendar

7) Reincarnation is a key belief in what religion:

a) Judaism
b) Hinduism
c) Islam

8) Many new age people believe in:

a) coincidence and luck
b) destiny and fate
c) reality creation

9) What really crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947:

a) high altitude weather balloons
b) top secret military aircraft
c) alien spaceships

10) Barbara Marciniak channels information from what entity group:

a) the Sirians
b) the Pleiadians
c) the Arcturians

11) In which year does the Mayan calendar stop recording time:

a) 2001
b) 2012
c) 2048

12) Natural quartz crystals come from which area:

a) Arizona
b) Yugoslavia
c) Arkansas

Those questions weren't that difficult, were they?
Reminder: this test does not total up answers automatically

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