Your Universal Origins

Currently, there are two popular western theories of the origin of mankind on planet Earth.

1) Biblical Theory - This theory states that God introduced Adam and Eve into the Garden of Eden, and that we are all descended from those original beginnings.

2) Darwin's Theory of Evolution - Proposed in 1859, this theory suggests that mankind has evolved through time to our present form. This theory seems to suggest that life began on a vary basic molecular, biological base and then advanced through thousands of years to where we are today. This theory has endured well for over 135 years.

Most western people have adopted either of these two major, accepted theories. Those who are generally more scientifically oriented tend to like the more exacting theory of Evolution, and those who have adopted a more religious view of life have stayed with the Biblical theory. Over time, people have adopted these theories into their frames of reference, into their consciousness, and into their belief systems. In fact, since this issue is so important to many, it has become entrenched into their way to view the world. For most people, to believe anything but either of these two theories would take a tremendous change in one's accepted belief systems.

However, both current theories require a leap of faith, so to speak. The Biblical theory has problems in that one has to believe that God simply manifested life on earth in it's present form. For some, this is not easy to believe. The doubters want proof. On the other side, the evolutionist theory requires one to believe that life could simply spring up out of a bubbling bog of molecular soup, and then evolve into what we are today. This theory too begs for more concrete evidence.

Throughout my life I have personally been plagued with this question of the origin of mankind. To me, neither theory seemed to be complete or definitive. I believe that both theories contain some truths, but are incomplete.

I recently uncovered startling information that has come to my attention. This information suggests that an additional theory which address the origin of mankind on planet Earth can me made. Thus, I will share this information by discussing two major subjects. The first is the seven root races of planet earth. The second is the author's Universal Theory, which seeks to explain how humanity as we know it today came to be on Earth.

And although I don't claim to have irrefutable proof of my Universal Theory, I believe I have been able to piece together certain key pieces of a much larger puzzle which, in my view, leads me to my Universal Theory. See what you think. You be the judge.

Universal Theory of Mankind

I do not believe that mankind evolved from a base biological form that was non-humanoid. It is simply too much to believe that modern man evolved from a primary, basic combination of biological elements. It is quite possible and likely that modern man evolved from early man. However, there are too many missing links, too many large leaps in evolution without the intermediary steps, to have evolved from a single-celled primary life form. To me, it is very difficult to see any kind of proof of the crucial intermediary steps between primary life forms and modern man. Where is the evidence?

I suggest that mankind was introduced on this planet in a somewhat modern state, that being an upright humanoid form with a certain level of intelligence. Thus the Biblical theory and this author's Universal Theory agree on the general level of human development at our introduction onto planet Earth. The big question is how did we get here, on planet Earth? Who put us here, and why?

Our universe is continuously expanding. It has been expanding since it was formed. Our solar system is on the outskirts of our Milky Way Galaxy. I suggest that as our universe has expanded, it has been colonized. I believe it has been colonized from the inside out, just as the early explorers from England sailed to the outskirts of the known world in the hopes of colonizing and claiming new lands for their Kings and Queens. This is the method from which our universe and planet has thus been colonized.

And not only has our planet been colonized from universal origins, it has been colonized on several occasions. This can be seen throughout the real, ancient history of our Earth, of which I will discuss. One example of the different colonization efforts can be seen in the stages of development of early man. It can be argued that early man such as Neanderthal man did not so much evolve naturally into Cro-magnon man, but was assisted in this effort by colonists who interfered or assisted in this process.

H. P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society

In 1888, just over 100 years ago, Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky founded an occult group called the Theosophical Society. She published a vast work called The Secret Doctrine which discussed ancient wisdom she had received through various nontraditional methods. Although her writing is difficult to comprehend, she proposed that our planet Earth is destined to have seven root races, each composed of seven subraces. (We are currently the fifth root race).

The mood during this time in history was very much that of a questioning nature. Just 20 years earlier, Darwin had proposed his theory of Evolution. People were grappling with the ramifications that his landmark theory would suggest, and were looking and searching for further explanation and justification for some of these radical new ideas.

Madame Blavatsky's seven root races created a stir. The seven root races on Earth are interpreted as follows:

1) The First Root Race - people of The Imperishable Sacred Land

2) The Second Root Race - The people of Hybornea, also known as Hyperborea

3) The Third Root Race - The people of Lemuria

4) The Fourth Root Race - The people of Atlantis

5) The Fifth Root Race - our current human civilization - Homo Sapiens of the Americas

6) The Sixth Root Race - The people of New Lemuria

7) The Seventh Root Race - A Race of Superbeings

Blavatsky suggested that some of the earlier root races existed on earth as much as several hundred thousand years ago, and Atlantis and Lemuria somewhat more recently.

Now in the year 2000 in our current civilization, surprising information is coming forth that supports Madame Blavatsky's writings. If in fact these root races have existed and will exist, several questions come to mind. How did they happen to originate here? Why did these civilizations rise and then fall? What happened to cause certain transitions? Were the people of these civilizations much different from modern man? Did each civilization descend from the previous one, or some other way or place?

I will thus review each root civilization and try to address some of these key questions as they relate to the origin and development of modern man on Earth, and include further details of my Universal Theory.

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