Interview With A Walk-In Part 2

Kelemeria Myarea Elohim

Date: November 16, 1995
Place: The suburbs of Boston
Walk-in name: Kelemeria Myarea Elohim
Interviewer: A. L., Salem New Age Center

Q. What is it you came in to do?
Once I get integrated, by biggest challenge is to show what heaven on earth can be like, in the body. Ascension isn't necessarily about going "up," it's about joining with the highest spiritual realm and connecting it with earth.

Q. What would you say to people who say that walking in is fooling around, and not right, and against God's wishes, and something that just shouldn't be done?
First of all, remember that it is all prearranged, and that it is an agreement between two souls. Anything that we do in the highest and best accord is God's work, since we are all God. We have chosen different roles and different paths. I spent a long time thinking about it before I came in. I was lucky because I came in with complete memory.

Q. What does it mean to have complete memory?
I remembered what it was like before I walked in , as well as tapping into the previous occupant's memory bank.

Q. About the walk-in experience, was it difficult for your husband to adapt to the new you after you walked in and changed? Wasn't this a real challenge for him?
Yes. But don't forget that as you become an integrated soul, you are the sum of different parts of yourself. So I am not entirely different. Some aspect of me changed, and other aspects didn't.

Q. Who do you consider to be your parents, your galactic parents or your earth parents?
They are all my parents. All the memories that were in this body before I came in are still part of my heritage, and who I am.

Q. Are your galactic parents like earth parents in that they have similar parent/child issues?
It's much more simple. We don't have the emotional component that gets in the way. We go through our life span so differently. It's not like someone goes through the difficult teenage years, because they've gone through that thousands of years ago. The teaching, learning and education of young people is similar to a trade school, where children can study things that they are interested in and have a natural affinity for. The child doesn't try to please his or her parents. The parents are pleased and happy when their children are moving along with their own growth and enlightenment. They are encouraged and applauded when they succeed in any areas of their lives. They do not attempt to make their children do things that would make they unhappy. They try to please themselves, because each child is considered God, and a part of God. You see, children are not a hardship elsewhere. Education and other things are very important and not a problem. Everyone wants to be educated and succeed and be joyful in whatever they choose to do.

Q. Do you see your galactic parents, or brothers and sisters much? Where are they?
I don't see them much now, because I've taken this long-term assignment. They live in the area of Sirius B. Most of my brothers and sisters see our parents often, because they live there.

Q. Do you celebrate any special holidays or anything like that?
We do, but it's a little different. We celebrate the forming of the Federation, and the universal heart, etc.

Q. Where are the Elohim from?
They are from where the two Great Central Suns meet. The Elohim were formed as messengers of God. They were made up of archangels and other beings from other planetary systems. There weren't any ascended masters at that time.

Q. Is it true that Jesus is an Elohim?
Yes, and there were some others too, like St. Francis, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Mary. Jesus took on a human form. His name was Joshua, which means God. On Earth he became a God-like being. He was heaven and Earth in a body. However, before his lifetime as Jesus he was also Moses.

Q. Who was the person named Yahweh?
Yahweh is God, or an aspect of God. Yahweh is a higher aspect, than say Jehovah. Yahweh is a form of universal energy.

Q. Who was Lucifer?
Lucifer was the fallen Angel. There is no negative or positive, it is simply choice. He chose to go one way. Lucifer was originally an ascended being. However, he didn't go along with the flow like everyone else, and thus the rebellion.

Q. Do the Elohim ever have conflicts with the Greys, Pleiadians, etc.
There are groups, meetings, and committees, and all that. We straightened out the Greys and all the abductions. They're not doing that anymore.

Q. What about the hybrid (half-human half-grey) babies?
They were put on another planet. We set up a place for them to go to.

Q. Don't you think the hybrids will want to come to Earth?
They can't breathe here on Earth, so they won't stay here. They have totally different DNA. Reticulans don't need as much oxygen as humans do.

Q. Won't the hybrids want to see the other half of their parents?
Well, it isn't so easy as that. They don't all look very human. Some do, but many don't. Some of them look more grey. They may choose to at some time in their lives to pursue that in the future. It is truly up to them.

Q. Have you ever seen a hybrid?
Oh yes.

Q. How old are they now?
Well, this all started in the 1950's, so that means that some of them may be as old as 40 and 50.

Q. Up on the space ship you came down from, do people speak languages? How do these beings communicate?
They communicate telepathically, or they use the light language, more commonly known as galactic language. It's a funny-sounding language.

Q. What is your ship like?
It is elliptical in shape. With a lot of light beings on it. We consume mana, a source of nutrients and light for us. The ship was commissioned through the Galactic Federation. I was assigned to it about 1000 years ago.

Q. Do you know any greys?
I know some, but I don't hang around with any. They don't have a lot of warmth.

Q. Are greys considered humanoid?

Q. Are most ET races humanoid?
Yes. Much more than half. Of course there are also the reptilian races, and others.

Q. What are the reptilian races like?
They are strange. It is difficult for non-humanoid Ets to mix with humans. They have much different ways of doing things, the way they eat, etc.

Q. What about the Sirians, are they humanoid?
Yes, but you have to remember that races mix with each other.

Q. What about the Arcturians?
They are fifth dimensional light beings, and are humanoid.

Q. Everyone seems to like the Pleiadians. You never hear anything bad about them.
Well, they screwed up, as Barbara (Marciniak) talked about in her book Earth that when she relayed the information that they messed up our DNA. In general, many of the people around the universe have original histories with the people of the Pleiades, Lyra, Sirsus, etc.

Q. Do all ET groups believe in God?
Most do. If you believe that you are God, then there is no separation.

Q. Did the ET groups interfere with the development of man?
Yes. There was a normal looking humanoid race here to begin with. As I understand it, in order to build the races, they did intermix with the ape Neanderthal. As I understand it, they extracted ovaries and things like that. By the way, most of this was done on Atlantis. Some of the experiments didn't work out as well as they could have.

Q. So the ET groups helped develop mankind.
Yes. Also, don't forget that when Atlantis went down everything split. People went in all different directions.

Q. So is it safe to say that the various races and colors that humans are is a result of origins from ET groups?
Absolutely, there's no doubt about it. That's why everyone is different.

Q. Is Darwinism and evolution true?
Not really. Because of the interference from ETs.

Q. Did humans evolve from base life forms?
No. The original beings on the earth were already humanoid in form. Keep in mind that there was A LOT of experimentation done here on this planet.

Q. Why do we share so much DNA with chimpanzees?
Well, obviously there were offshoots of experiments. Some didn't quite fully make it. Some of it went too far, from what I have seen.

Q. Why do the Greys abduct some people and not others?
The greys look for beings that are extremely innocent or ones that are not super-spiritual. They steer clear from highly evolved beings. They are looking to recapture their lost emotional body. They felt this planet was ideal for them and their needs. But remember that the greys stopped doing abductions. They have resolved this experiement and changed their lifestyles or have walked-in to other human bodies to experience emotions such as I did.

Q. What happened during the 11:11?
Solara channeled this information. Eleven doorways will be opened between now and the year 2012. These doorways allow humans to look through into other dimensions. It's an etheric way of bridging the various dimensions. The 11:11 was the beginning of remembering who we really are. It really started back in 1987. The doorway is a dimension where no time exists. The dove came, and made it available to connect with home. It allows beings to bring heaven down into earth.

Q. Do we have free energy and perpetual motion devices here on Earth now?
Yes. They were given to us by the ETs.

Q. What about the stargate openings?
Remember that the stargates are already open. We are activating them in order for the Earth to be in her rightful place among the other Federation planetary systems. Of course, this has a direct response upon the people of this planet. Hopefully, they are being raised vibrationally wise and opening up to their full potential.

Q. Any thoughts about channeling?
Be careful who you channel. To be safest, channel your higher self. That you know you can trust.

Q. What's the best way to manifest new things into your life - affirmations, visualization, etc.?
Write down what you want to happen, write down all the details, and get ready for it to happen. Be ready for what you want. The more you work through your issues, the faster things will manifest for you. Be sure to wish for what you really want, because it will come. If you are holding yourself back by thoughts of fear and poverty, that's all you will get. But if you have worked through your issues, things will come quickly to you.

Q. What should people try to do when they meditate?
To be whole, and to heal oneself. It's fun to do an out of body experience, but it is even better to do soul traveling. That way you bypass the astral plane, where things can be distorted. You'll know when you hit the higher realms. Be careful not to be caught in the astral plane. There's a lot of stuff flying around that you have to be careful around.

Q. Why is it that many people don't have a close relationship with God until the need to?
They forget that they themselves are God. If one honors oneself as God instead of thinking that God is outside of themselves, then you are better off. Acknowledge yourself as God some time in the day, and you won't have that problem. Don't search for Gurus or other enlightened ones, when YOU are the essence of God. Put your faith into yourself and your work, not in someone.

Q. What's going to happen to our civilization when the masses on this planet begin to wake up and become enlightened?
A lot of fear will come up. It's beginning to happen now. It will manifest as violence, fear, war, etc. If people haven't dealt with their stuff, it's going to hit them hard. People will go through an initial denial phase, as they are confronted with new realities. People will see each other for what they really are. It will be important to have your act together. It is also important to ask for help in this time of transition either with a healer, bodyworker, or therapist as well as reading The Kryon books by Lee Carroll and The Medical Assistant Program by Wright.

Q. Are most people here to be taught directly by God, or indirectly?
Most people will learn indirectly. It's usually the little things, like when someone comes into your life, or when good things happen in your life. The book Celestine Prophesy spoke of that there are no coincidences. We create are co-creating as we go along. It is really up to us to use the abilities when uncovered and revealed to us. WE are all responsible for what happens to us and on the planet.

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