The Constellation Walkers

    by Laurie Joy Pinkham

      On my silent wings of night
      I come to get you
      to visit with you
      to take you home

      You sleep so soundly
      with the essence of your being
      exploring in the other dimensions
      questing always questioning

      Your body is curled around the pillow
      as you hold on to lost loves and
      dream through the oceans of time
      wishing only to understand your purpose

      You turn to face me as I swoop down
      to take you with me
      we shall journey to the far reaches of
      your memories tonight

      You reach out and take hold of my wing
      for I will carry you
      as I always have
      off to the lands of understanding

      Many life times we have traveled together
      I take you, for you trust me completely
      as you reach out to me
      you hold on and let go of time

      Out into the night we fly
      through the windows of time we pass
      up to the tops of the trees
      and on to the stars

      For we are the constellation walkers
      the messengers of time and light
      to those who wish to listen they shall heal and remember
      for there is much to hear from our silent flight

      You take one last look back to the earth
      for you understand that we must return
      to help and heal and listen
      as we are the memories of humankind

    Laurie Joy Pinkham
    August 23, 1996 - 5:30 AM
    copyright 1996

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