12 Ways To Speed Things Up

by Andrew Lutts

1) Ask. You must ask for assistance from those who would offer help to you (angels, guides, etc.). By asking you open the channel for communication and guidance.

2) Meditate. This is often the fastest way to spiritual growth.

3) Forgive. Most everyone needs to forgive someone for something (even oneself). When you forgive you release built up karma and other things that need to be released.

4) Bodywork. Get in tune with your body, your temple. Treat your body right and raise your vibration. This works in conjunction with everything else.

5) Teachers. Bring in your teachers. Let them know you are willing to do the work, and that you are ready to fulfill your mission.

6) Channel. Channel knowledge and wisdom from your higher self, spirit guides, gatekeepers and other who serve your highest good.

7) Now. Don't live in memories of the past, or dreamy visions of the future. Live in the moment, fully.

8) Manifest. Create your reality the way you want it to be. Clear out the old and create a vacuum from which new things can manifest in your life.

9) Allow. Allow things to unfold naturally. Let go. Have faith. Trust.

10) Bless. Bless each moment and every situation in its perfection.

11) Visualize. Picture white light coming down through your crown chakra into your body and filling your essence with clean, powerful loving energy.

12) Love. Unconditional love is a way to share the beauty within you with all those whose lives you touch. Bring love into a difficult situation and watch it transform positively.

copyright © 1997 - Andrew Lutts

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