Earth's All Star Team

Make no mistake about it. There are many here today who are here to assist mankind with the Ascension. In fact, a universal all-star team has been drafted to help earth! Here's a partial list of those here offering spiritual guidance and assistance. Which one of these entities/groups do you resonate to?

Angelic Hierarchy
Arch Angel Michael
Ascended Master Djwhal Khul
Ashtar Command
Chohan of the Second Ray Lord Kuthumi
Christ Sananda
Cosmic Christ Lord Sai Baba
Cosmic evolution assistance team
Earthen Angels
Galactic Council
Great White Brotherhood/Sisterhood
her blessedness Mother Miriam
his holiness Lord Metatron
Isis League of ArchAngels and the Seven Guardian Pillars of Light
Lord Guatama Buddha
Our planetary Logos
Sanat Kumara & Vywamus
Planetary Christ Lord Maitreya
Pleiadian Civilization
Project Ascension Earth team
Serapis Bey
Sirian Civilization
St. Germain
the Great Mahatma energy
The Lady of the Sun
Quan Yin
Universal Logos Master Melchizedek

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