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Volume 3 Number 1 - Issue Number 15
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"You will wake up from this life, like it was a dream."

Sun Bear channeled by Mataare


In This Issue

*** 15.5 million ships revisited
*** Moon Cycles - by Anne Kay
*** Mataare channels Sun Bear
*** More about Hale Bopp Companion
*** Chief Joseph speaks on Ascension
*** The Great Blue Star, Photon Belt, and Earth

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Late last year Sheldon Nidle predicted that 15.5 million spaceships would physically descend upon Earth in December '96. It would seem that this did not happen. (Note: the ships are still here, have always been here, and will be here in the future. They just did not come down to the third dimension.) As expected, it didn't take long for people to start trashing Sheldon and his work in various internet newsgroups and mailing lists.

It sounds a lot like the situation with Gordon Michael Scallion when people started to lose faith in him when he began to have more misses than hits.

I will not be one who is quick to judge. As I understand it, Sheldon made the mistake of offering specific dates for events. This is always difficult to do accurately in the third dimension. Was Sheldon wrong about last month? Yes. Does that make him wrong now? No.

In general, I feel that Sheldon's information has, in the past, been very good. He now needs to realign with that source of information which so many, including myself, identified with in the first place.

It is important that we support those who are willing to step forward and share information. It is not a question of being right or wrong, but a question of manifesting our future. Their value and contributions are in projecting possible futures. And we all have equal voice in this decision. Do you really want to give away your power to someone who will dictate your future?

I for one enjoy reading all the prophecy and predictions. Yet ultimately, you and I manifest our world around us. And this is as it should be!



FULL MOON on JANUARY 23 A Major Expansion of Light
The Full Moon on Jan. 23 at 10:11 am EST is just before the "GaiaMind Global Meditation and Prayer" at 12:35 pm EST in NYC. This event is focused around a unique six pointed star astrologically created in the heavens. "It is a time of a benevolent expansion of spiritual liberation in the heavens with Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus conjoining for the first time in over 200 years. Also, the outer planets have not been so harmoniously arrayed since the Renaissance period." The Full Moon will be at three degrees Leo opposite the Sun, Uranus and Jupiter in Aquarius. Energetically, this configuration is asking us to balance our powerful animal nature for a more humanistic society. Energies of the full moon bring us to a point of decision if we have not already made the decision. So, please join in by connecting with the Divine in a way you feel comfortable to commit and catalyze the evolution of consciousness and global healing. For more info on The GaiaMind Project see:

NEW MOON on FEBRUARY 7 Reactivating Our Powers Together for Truth
The next New Moon will take place on Feb. 7 at 10:06 am EST with both the Moon and Sun together at eighteen degrees Aquarius. During this new moon cycle we are asked to start projects that reactivate our energies and bring them together harmoniously and in peace with other who share the same desire to stabilize the resources needed to achieve our freedom and truth on this planet. This energy is being played out by Jupiter, Uranus and Venus in Aquarius opposite a retrograde Mars in Libra.

For more astrological information contact Anne Kay, counseling astrologer and spiritual healer. Send e-mail to:


___/ t h e c o m p a n i o n Sun Bear - channeled by Mataare (December 1996)

Watch the Hale Bopp comet's companion very closely. The companion object is very large, larger than the comet itself. It appears and disappears, around, beside and behind the comet.

The companion object is scaring the pants off of your astronomers. Many are afraid to acknowledge viewing the companion, because they are afraid for their careers. What will they say? But more and more are beginning to realize what it is.

The comet is coming closest to the Earth in March and April. This companion object has a few surprises for you. It is almost FOUR TIMES the size of Earth. You have nothing to fear from it, I think, because it is not solid. But it behaves intelligently, to say the least. This companion will not come very close to Earth. It will disappear. But it is a kind of warning.

There are those among you who will know exactly what this object is, and will write and tell about it. There will also be those spreading dis-information about what it really is, to confuse the matter. You decide what is right.

There is a huge plan, and it is bigger than anyone realizes. It is important to be rooted in the spiritual consciousness of life, so that you can see and feel in your heart.

Just remember there is the GREAT SPIRIT, and the GREAT CREATOR. Do not confuse the two. You have 8 - 15 years to go before you will find out who the creators are. Every scripture in the world will tell you they are coming back….. and they are.

The human beings who will be coming here will generally be acknowledged as the creators. You will see why when they come here. Many people will fall on their knees, like they are God. In many religions they are considered Gods. They are simply advanced human beings, just like you. But you have no idea who you are yet.

They are getting tired, tired of waiting. They are concerned because you are beginning to leave this world, and you are still violent. There are many who are afraid of you, and who want to see the Earth human experiment end right now. And there are those who want to take the "good ones" away from this world, and let those remaining destroy this world.

There are lots of politics going on in the universe. Your governments know all about this, and they are scared to death about it. They don't know what to do. That is why there is a move to unite the world, quickly.

I come here to tell you the importance of your inner connection to the great Spirit, so that you can be here for the business of why you are here, no matter what goes on around you on this Earth. I do this so that you can rise above the petty aspects of day to day life, and give something here, give your gifts, completely and fully as you can. Make a contribution of your spirit here.

If you are looking for a specific reference point to know that what we are saying is true, than you will have some signs. Watch the comet Hale Bopp, and maybe some of you will be greatly inspired, not convinced, but inspired from what you find out. A spiritual awakening, of sorts. This sometimes happens when people almost die, have near death experiences, and then come back to life. That's a spiritual awakening. For many it is gradual. But with a little help something inside you may shift altogether. You may wake up to what your extraterrestrial brothers and sisters already know about you!

Human beings have the ability to go through this period. You can do it. Do not be afraid of what is different and alien. Many changes will come. You have the ability to embrace these changes, it is in your spirit. You must know who you are. You must know your spirit.

Sun Bear - channeled by Matarre.

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More about Hale-Bopp's Companion

Last month we included the following list of characteristics of the companion, as received by Courtney Brown's remote viewers at the Farsight Institute. For those who may have missed it, we feel it is very important to be aware of:

1. The approaching celestial object is built from borrowed technology, including human-assisted perhaps dating back to Atlantis.
2. Not a weapon.
3. Constructed with materials not currently known.
4. Composite of technological and organic materials within a matrix of thought.
5. Object recently appeared from subspace: has been MOVED into position within the last 24 hours.
6. It is under artificial control and will interact with human DNA.
7. The object is acting to awaken us, but is being misunderstood by our world leaders. The decoding process must be made within the notion of sub-space reality and universal thought form. 8. Keywords: consciousness, enlightenment.
9. Government began removing Hale Bopp photographs last May.
10. The object is sentient, self-aware.
11. It is sending us a message but decoding processes are not going smoothly by government intelligence sources.
12. Target object is involved with awakening and unfolding. Object has telepathic, recording and transpirational elements within it.
13. The subspace elements are not being understood.
14. Sub-space grid is the unlocking key.
15. More of similar objects will be coming this way.
16. Object was a joint project of many groups of beings, greys, humans Andromedans.
17. Greys were instrumental in technology because they possessed it. Purpose is galactic evolution. Humans living now have retarded the project, but the fulcrum of space-time is immediate and forthcoming events will be powerful.
18. Object may have function as symbolized by the obelisk in 2001 Space Odyssey.
19. Object could be a transformed planet.
20. The object is a sentient object with no emotion as we understand.
21. The object has multiple parts. Involved in process of uncovering secrets.
22. Object fulfills destiny. Mission will not be stopped.

Additional comments:
1. Everything that happened in the past is still going on.
2. It is possible to change a timeline.
3. Energies and phenomena represented by object are not limited to physical realm.



Editor's Note: Our friend John Cali of Virginia channels Chief Joseph. He now share these transcripts with others through his Sentinels of the Sky free e-mail newsletter. Here are some passages from a recent newsletter. - Andy


The great Nez Perce chief, Hin Mah Too Yah Lat Kekt (Thunder Rolling in the Mountains), is known historically as Chief Joseph. He lived from about 1840 to September 21, 1904. During the 1877 Nez Perce War and until his death, Joseph was one of the tribe's great leaders. As an eloquent speaker and statesman, he was a strong advocate of Indian rights and the brotherhood/sisterhood of all people. John Cali has been channeling Chief Joseph since 1992.


All on the earth plane today who are the least bit observant know something momentous is afoot, if you will. But most do not know exactly what it is. Nor do they know what they need to do to prepare for the transition now rapidly approaching on your planet. Even those who are awake and aware spiritually are often confused as to how they should prepare.

First, I wish to allay the fears the mass consciousness on your planet holds. These changes are not the holocaust, the "end times." They are not the end of the world. Having said that, however, let me add there will be those who perceive and experience the changes as the end of the world. And, for them, that is simply a part of their growth process. They will eventually move beyond the darkness and into the light.

As you know, you create - literally create - your own reality. With each breath you take, you actually create what you shall experience in the next moment - and the next - and the next. Therefore, there will be many, often drastically different, perspectives of the new cycle your planet is moving into. This movement, this transition is called by different names. One of the more current and popular names is "ascension." So, for simplification's sake, let us call it that in our discussion today.

And ascension is simply the process of returning home - returning to your source - to All That Is. Reconnecting, if you will, with your souls. Some will take longer to "ascend" than others. (Longer, that is, in terms of your linear earth time.)

Of course, I realize those of you reading this are aware and awakened beings of light. As such, you have a mission to fulfill. That mission is, first, to prepare yourself as best you can. And then - and only then - help your sisters and brothers prepare themselves. That, in perhaps an overly simplified explanation, is what your mission is. And, of course, free will, as always, reigns supreme. You can choose to accept or reject your mission.

You are the lightworkers who will help lead your brothers and sisters on the planet - and in other worlds - home to All That Is.

Now, there are many specific steps you can take to prepare yourself for ascension. First of all, remember that this entire ascension process (and perhaps I'm oversimplifying it here) is nothing more than increasing your vibration. Increasing it physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. As you increase your vibration, you literally become "lighter." And, today, in this era of quickening energies on your planet, it is entirely possible for you to ascend with your physical body intact - changed, but intact. Just as your ascended masters have done in the past. Your Christ was certainly one of these masters - although one greatly misunderstood by your western culture.

…….You all know what you have come to do. You may not be doing it yet, but you DO know what it is. It is that which you most love to do. It is the work in which you are best able to help yourself and others through the changes happening on your planet today. It is the work you have been irresistibly drawn to. It is literally a "labor of love." And that is the key to how you can best prepare for ascension - simply remembering the work you have come to do as a service of love for your sisters and brothers. The key is remembering love.

Lastly, I remind you again to always trust your heart, your inner guidance, the God/Goddess within. Trust your own inner wisdom, your own powers of discernment to verify what is meaningful and right for you. Do this and you shall always be on your path. Trusting yourself in all matters is critical in these changing times. You are your own highest authority, no exceptions. Rely on your inner wisdom, your own powers of discernment.

You will know what is right for you by how it feels. If it feels uplifting, empowering, unifying, that's what's right for you. Listen to the wisdom of others, but trust your own above all others.

May the peace of the Great Spirit be with you always - and in all ways.

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Copyright © 1997 by John Cali and Kris Duffy


THE BLUE STAR, PHOTON BELT AND EARTH Questions and Answers with Andrine Morse

Q. Is Hale Bopp a threat?
A. No. It isn't even a comet. It is a massive energy field that we could call a flotilla of angels for lack of a better word (and there have been many words to name it). What I am trying to say is that there is no word for this - there is only the familiar knowing. "It" responds to Earth's distress - always has and always will. "It" brings an awareness of the Universe and an expression of our power and divinity. The closer it moves the faster the Earth vibrates until they, Earth and the Blue Star (as I choose to call it), can achieve Union. This can only happen while Earth is in the Photon Belt. This "star" would not ever do anything to harm or interfere with Earth.

Q. What about the Blue Star - what is it?
A. I have known since I was in early adolescence about the "Blue Star". When Hale-Bopp was first sighted I felt a rush of excitement as I was expecting the "Blue Star" in the spring of 1997. I am waiting to see if they are one in the same. My suspicion is that they most certainly are. However, too many people are being thrown off balance and ripped from their focus as a result of just such predictions. Better to maintain focus "Earth and her entry into the Photon Belt in perfect Peace and Harmony." Once we are into the Belt safely then we (Earth) and the Blue Star will definitely make contact.

Q. Will the Blue Star be with us for long?
A. The Blue Star is the celestial body which will create a binary Sun or Moon system and may be visible, at varying intensities, for a period of up to 18 months. Some say the Blue Star is in a 2,000 year orbit. I have always believed it was the same star seen when Christ was born. In my story - Cosmic Love - I refer to the blue star as being Great Spirit which comes from Source.

Q. Is the union between Earth and the Blue Star an etheric one, or will there be some physical connection?
A. Have you ever connected with anyone in such a way that when he/she walked in the room - your heart literally skipped a beat and there was a physical sensation that was never easy to put into words? This is Earth and the Blue Star. There will definitely be some physical manifestations of their connection. The energy is incredible and if Earth should shiver - we will all feel it.

Perhaps it is time to really get outside and take a long slow look at the magnificent planet we occupy. To be grateful. To get down on our knees and feel the rich soil, snow, mud or stone beneath our bones and remember that there is a spirit above each blade of grass telling it to grow. To Love this glorious planet like we have never loved another. To be amazed and filled with awe and reverence for the miracle of this dimension we chose to exist within. And then, with love and absolute tenderness, forgive ourselves and begin anew without a trace of judgment for another thing in Creation. If we do this - the vibrations will be felt throughout the Universe and a celebration will ring out in the Heavens the likes of which some of us have never heard.

In Peace, Love and Joy I AM Andrine Twelfth High Council Ancient of Days e-mail: Read Andrine's Cosmic Love Affair at:


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