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Contents for this issue:

1) Atlantean Channelings & Revelations

2) Stargate Opening Info

3) Ask the Walk In

4) New Age Mailing Lists and Newsletters



Thank you to Geoffrey K. and Kate L. for providing the following

revelations. (Note: the walk-ins mentioned in this section are not

directly associated with the walk-in later in this newsletter.)


This is a series of channelings about my past lifetimes in Atlantis. The

beings who write here are guides I communicated with most often:

information angels, Ismael and Tula'a, and an extraterrestrial, Zenon.

There are several friends mentioned here, most of whom I originally "met"

through CompuServe; a few of them I later met in person. Ed is a spiritual

healer who does his work through management training. When I met him

on-line, he was channeling Zenon, whom he no longer channels. I channeled

information from Zenon for a few months. The last time I was in contact

with this guide was about a year ago. Zenon, through Ed and my own

channeling, was a significant guide for me at that time. Other names

mentioned here are mostly friends, unless specified otherwise.

June 2, 1994

Dear Ismael, I have been experiencing some feelings surrounding "walk-ins,"

old souls who enter consenting adults who agree to exchange places with

them. Ed told me that he is a walk-in. What I have learned about walk-ins

is that they don't usually identify themselves as such except to those who

are not yet awakened. While I was reading a book on the subject by Ruth

Montgomery, I felt a twinge of recognition and started to cry. Later that

night I had a dream that I believe indicates that I'm being awakened to a

conscious memory of being a walk-in. Is this true or another fabrication

that my creative mind has come up with to make me seem more unique somehow.

I'm not sure what the significance of all this might be.

Dear Kate, Are you truly ready to hear what it is that I have to tell you?

Yes, it's true what you are sensing. You are a walk-in. You were, in fact,

a spiritual guide to the former soul in some of its past lifetimes, which

is why you identify more strongly with some lifetimes of the former soul,

more than others. The recollection you had recently about the staff in the

shape of a seahorse. You were a lord in Atlantis of the Seahorse Clan. Many

of this era have chosen to reincarnate at this time. The soul who walked

out also was a member of this clan, as was your sister in this lifetime,

Theresa. You are beginning to remember this time, which will serve you well

in determining the benchmarks of the Coming. You will begin to meet others

whom you knew well at that time. Continue to meditate, balance chakras and

ask for guidance through dreams and other revelations. You have recognized

the God consciousness within, which must be nurtured if it is to grow. You

are growing well, Lightwalker. I remain in Light and Love, Ismael.

June 4, 1994

Dear Zenon and Tula'a, Both of you contacted me while I was meditating, so

I'm not sure who to direct this to. You are aware of the conversation I had

with Ed last night about a lifetime that I shared with my sister Terri, in

Atlantis. The story just started to flow, but I feel that there must be

more to be revealed. I told Ed that I have a recollection of being with

some companions, all male and members of the Clan of the Seahorse. There

was a storm brewing and we were awaiting a ship that would take us off the

island. I was looking out over the mouth of the fjord for the ship, which

appeared in the deepening darkness. I raised my staff, which was shaped

like a seahorse, to channel energy to keep the ship away from the rocks.

The storm was beginning to hit the shore. My companions and I raced to the

steps that would take us down to the dock. When we arrived, the ship was

being tossed against its moorings and the captain shouted that we wouldn't

be able to leave the fjord in the storm. One of my companions, who I now

know is my sister in this lifetime, fell into the sea and was dashed

against the rocks. What else do I need to know about this time: Are there

others in my life now who were with me in that lifetime, either during the

scene I most remember, as fellow clansmen or others?

Dear dear Kate, It is true that there is much more to know about this time.

Remembering it will help you prepare for the earth changes ahead, because

now as then, the earth will experience great change and upheaval. That is

why you are help with these changes. To reach the many and the

few with messages of love from on high, as the Old Ones would say. The many

will most likely choose to leave before the greatest changes occur. The few

will need to be aware of Safe Lands where they can build a new race of

humans, committed to peace, love and light. You already have in mind at

least one of these Safe Lands. You would do well to prepare to move your

family to that area within the next 2-3 years.

Yes, there are others who were with you during this time in Atlantis. Your

friends Lara and Asha. And your friend (Chris) in Colorado. There are

others entering your life now who also shared the same time period in

Atlantis, but were not necessarily companions. You will recognize other

clansmen by the affinity to seahorse symbols that attract you. Wear your

seahorse pendant often to find them. The friends who joined you in Sedona

were also known to you at this time, including one who was not able to join

you on your last trip. We know you are aware of Edward from this lifetime.

He was a priest to whom you often confided.

Dear Tula'a, I am ready to know the circumstances surrounding my walking

in. I believe I walked in either when I was in labor with Sean or when I

had my first bad asthma episode.

Dear Kate, You know both of those times as being times of emotional

upheaval for the spirit who agreed to walk out. It, of course, occurred

during labor with your son. The spirit who walked out called on you

specifically because of your experiences in many lifetimes before. You are

kindred spirits in many ways. You had expressed a desire to help with the

time of great earth changes and the walk-out had had all that she could

bear of this lifetime. She had already completed much of her karma for this

lifetime, except for separating from two powerful influences from past

lifetimes. Those are with the man you have chosen to marry and with one of

your sisters in this lifetime. Those tasks were left to you, along with the

many influences from childhood.

You visited many times before actually walking in. You watched as Kate's

pregnancy grew and you also grew with anticipation. You see, although the

walk-out wanted the child, she was afraid of what kind of mother she might

be. You, on the other hand, really wanted to experience motherhood. The

agreement was that you would walk in when she was in active labor. She

prepared the way by experiencing all of the pain. You walked in after the

epidural was started and Kate went into a trance after not sleeping for 24

hours. There were many times that you met the walk-out in her dreams. You

even introduced the child to her in a dream. You remember the dream you had

about a solid baby boy. So, of course, you already knew that it would be a

son. After Sean was born and was held up to your face, you looked at the

calm eyes before you and said, mind-to-mind, "I am so happy we have met

once again and will share a life together."

Tula'a, why did it take me 8 years to awaken. Isn't that a little unusual

for a walk-in?

You had much work to do within the walk-out's life before you could even

acknowledge the work you came here to do. Sean is part of that work,

because he will be with you for many years. Do not feel badly about the

years that have passed. You wanted to give Sean as normal a human life as

possible. And normal meant two parents together. You were never able to

develop any feelings for the child's father. You had observed his

interactions with the walk-out and decided that he probably could not help

you complete your mission and might actually get in the way of your

mission. He must find his path, as well. In God's Loving Light, Tula'a.


Thank you again to both Kate Lightwalker and Geoffrey Keyte

for sharing this fascinating account.

Geoffrey's Mystical Crystal home page can be found at:

He also distributes Atlantean information on an Atlantean mailing list.

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What is A Stargate?

A Stargate is an etheric interdimensional energy alignment between

two points in interstellar space which allows high vibrational

energies to pass through long distances of space along the space-time

continuum. These alignments are particularly crucial at this time

as the vibration of the Earth is speeding up as we approach the

Photon Belt.


Noon, E.S.T. March 19 - 21st 1996

In general: The photon energetics will reach the Earth's outer shell and, for the first time, will be able to accessed by humans who have raised their vibration to it.

Note: Earlier in the year, in January '96, many sensitive people remarked that they felt strong feelings, sensations, and premonitions, accompanied by unusual dreams, etc. These effects were very strong for a period of time for many, and then these sensations seemed to fade. Some speculate that this was in fact the early stages of the photon belt arriving. - Andy

Themes: World Peace, Rebalancing, Realignment of Truth

The goal of this stargate opening is to reach 144,000 Earthworkers

and Lightworkers to assist with this stargate opening.

We will likely send an interim update in the first or second week

of March with updated stargate information.

Thanks to Chandara for bringing this information through.


ASK THE WALK-IN - A Monthly Column

E-mail your questions to Kelemeria at the e-mail address at the end of this section:
The Walk-in: Kelemeria Myarea Elohim
This Month's Question:
Who are the Alpha Centaurians and the Galactic Council?

Alpha Centaurians are part of the original people who came to Earth. They
were and still are very much the explorers of the universe. They are scientists who are able to explain much of how the universe works. They have been very helpful to the people here. Einstein was from there. They are very intelligent and extremely tall in stature. They continue to be a strong force on many councils including the Galactic Council. They are survivors and their essence is felt around the universe.

The Galactic Council is set up with a representation of many beings from around the universe. It's purpose is to keep the peace. It is more of a United Nations type of council. Many problems and ideas go through this group. They are one of the larger councils and have many Earthlings residing on it. There also is usually a rotation of beings so many can participate in the process.

In love and light,

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