Interpretive Sirian Dreams

By P.J., Massachusetts

Interpretive Dream #1

This dream occurred in April '95, about a month after I read the Galactic Human book. I was in a convertible with four others, and I looked up to see a huge mothership right above us. I was apprehensive but curious. I ended up with these people in the next scene on a beach in what seemed like California. Suddenly the ship zipped overhead again and out of sight over some trees on an adjacent mountain. Scaling the woods lining the mountain to see if I could get another look, I headed for a house I "knew" about (good ol' "dream memory") and when I got there, with a much more panoramic view, I picked it out again. Suddenly the sky was full of ships, which looked like fighter jets except the wingtips were tipped up. I was very excited, and began to run toward the town away from the house. The many craft in the sky were descending, and beginning to land everywhere. I ran shouting, joyous, toward the town. People were doing the same thing, except I think some, or most, were scared, and were just running in terror.

I ran toward a particular ship which seemed to have landed beyond some trees. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see others doing the same. Then, coming toward us from the direction of the landed craft, were three beings whose calm walking gait contrasted with our running. As I got closer, I realized one of them was heading right for me. I asked him, "Are you from Sirius?"

"Yes" came the response. I started to cry in tears of relief and joy, and remembered in the dream state that it was April and that it had only been one month into the window of time that the photon belt was said in the book to arrive. Then I asked him many questions and received a lot of answers. These I don't remember at all. However, while we spoke, it seemed (in retrospect) like a lesson was going to be offered. I remember having some sort of negative thought, and then this dart started coming toward me, wending its way through the air, and pierced me about midback. I immediately grokked what was happening, and forgave myself for having the thought and surrendered to it. The dart dissolved. Looking to my right, one of my friends from the convertible had appeared next to us, and was wrestling with a dart that had pierced him. He wasn't having much luck with that approach, as the dart just kind of split in two and emitted some sort of honey-colored gluey textured stuff that was getting all over his hands.

Anyway, I then began asking the Sirian guide some more questions. At one point, based on the content of my question, he "shape-shifted" into a woman in order to more clearly give the answer from that side of himself, apparently. Then, "she" showed me another scene, and we were in Concord, NH, one with woods, and streams. We commented, on the beauty of it. Suddenly, she kissed me full on the lips with no warning. In the middle of the kiss, I suddenly (and I mean suddenly - it was like one of those old super-8 movies just ending with no fade-out) woke up and was wide awake in bed. It was as if the scene were simply lifted right out of my sight and what was "behind" it was my bedroom. This kind of transition was unlike my usual dream transition of fading out the dream and fading into waking consciousness. It seemed as though I had been "shown" a possible future of the landing of the Sirian helpers.

Interpretive Dream #2

About a month later, in May, I had another dream of landings, not quite so dramatic. I was reading a poem in front of a large audience in a field. Suddenly I looked up from my poem, and only one person was left. I said, "where'd everyone go?" and he pointed over to a hillside. It was twilight, and they were looking up at the sky. I walked over to them and they showed me what they were looking at -- what appeared to be 2 moons. Then, the right-hand moon began to swell in light, and began to "separate" into a whole fleet of ships, which began to descend to the earth, all around us. The people around me began to become terrified, and I told them not to fear, that these were friendly beings.

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